Before using this Gitlab service please read our data privacy rules at


  • FAU members: Automatic account creation via the "FAU Single Sign-On" button on the main page with your IDM credentials. Accounts are deleted at the end of your affiliation with FAU.
  • non-FAU members: Registration for specific reasons only (e.g. collaborative research projects), via e-mail by a FAU member. Non-FAU members are not allowed to be added as the owner of a repository or a group.


  • Only for development of source code files (program code, TeX code, .txt files, etc.).
  • Binary files are to be avoided wherever possible. In particular no collections of images, videos, PDF files, Word documents, archive files, etc.
  • Owners of overly large repositories are automatically requested to be mindful of reasonable disk usage.
  • Repositories are deleted once all of their owners have been deleted.
  • Repositories should only be published by chairs, university groups, university facilities (see FAQ).


  • Group names must not look like IDM identifiers (e.g. ab12cdef, siabcdef, snasdfoo, unrz123).
  • Group names must not be in conflict with names of lectures, university facilities, etc.
  • Groups will be deleted once all of their owners have been deleted.

Continuous Integration

  • Be mindful of reasonable disk usage for build artifacts.
  • Build artifacts must not be stored permanently.


  • The common usage guidelines of the university and the CIP pools of the computer science department apply as well.