Commit 709a4d4a authored by Sebastian Eibl's avatar Sebastian Eibl
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parent 125a7e14
......@@ -35,9 +35,9 @@ public:
: ParticleAccessor(ps)
auto getInvMass(const size_t p_idx) const {return 1_r / kernel::VBondModel::mass_T;}
constexpr auto getInvMass(const size_t /*p_idx*/) const {return 1_r / kernel::VBondModel::mass_T;}
const auto& getInvInertiaBF(const size_t p_idx) const {return invI;}
constexpr auto& getInvInertiaBF(const size_t /*p_idx*/) const {return invI;}
// - sphere : I = (2/5)*mass*radius^2
static constexpr auto Ia = 0.4_r * kernel::VBondModel::mass_T * kernel::VBondModel::inner_radius * kernel::VBondModel::inner_radius;
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