Commit 22fd030d authored by Martin Bauer's avatar Martin Bauer
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Support for early outs

parent 696eb2d5
......@@ -226,6 +226,20 @@ class KernelFunction(Node):
return '{0} {1}({2})'.format(type(self).__name__, self.function_name, params)
class SkipIteration(Node):
def args(self):
return []
def symbols_defined(self):
return set()
def undefined_symbols(self):
return set()
class Block(Node):
def __init__(self, nodes: List[Node]):
super(Block, self).__init__()
......@@ -627,3 +641,8 @@ class TemporaryMemoryFree(Node):
def args(self):
return []
def early_out(condition):
from pystencils.cpu.vectorization import vec_all
return Conditional(vec_all(condition), Block([SkipIteration()]))
......@@ -98,8 +98,7 @@ class PrintNode(CustomCodeNode):
# noinspection PyPep8Naming
class CBackend:
def __init__(self, sympy_printer=None,
signature_only=False, vector_instruction_set=None, dialect='c'):
def __init__(self, sympy_printer=None, signature_only=False, vector_instruction_set=None, dialect='c'):
if sympy_printer is None:
if vector_instruction_set is not None:
self.sympy_printer = VectorizedCustomSympyPrinter(vector_instruction_set, dialect)
......@@ -195,6 +194,12 @@ class CBackend:
align = 64
return "free(%s - %d);" % (self.sympy_printer.doprint(, node.offset(align))
def _print_SkipIteration(self, _):
if self._dialect == 'cuda':
return "return;"
return "continue;"
def _print_CustomCodeNode(self, node):
return node.get_code(self._dialect, self._vector_instruction_set)
import sympy as sp
from typing import List
from pystencils.assignment import Assignment
from pystencils.astnodes import Node
from pystencils.transformations import generic_visit
......@@ -54,7 +55,9 @@ def remove_placeholder_functions(expr):
subexpressions = []
def visit(e):
if isinstance(e, PlaceholderFunction):
if isinstance(e, Node):
return e
elif isinstance(e, PlaceholderFunction):
for se in e.subexpressions:
if se.lhs not in {a.lhs for a in subexpressions}:
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