Commit 23a8f33d authored by Michael Kuron's avatar Michael Kuron
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create_staggered_kernel: re-add gpu_exclusive_conditions

parent 68da7457
......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ def create_indexed_kernel(assignments,
raise ValueError("Unknown target %s. Has to be either 'cpu' or 'gpu'" % (target,))
def create_staggered_kernel(assignments, gpu_exclusive_conditions=False, **kwargs):
def create_staggered_kernel(assignments, target='cpu', gpu_exclusive_conditions=False, **kwargs):
"""Kernel that updates a staggered field.
.. image:: /img/staggered_grid.svg
......@@ -205,7 +205,9 @@ def create_staggered_kernel(assignments, gpu_exclusive_conditions=False, **kwarg
regular fields are passed through to `create_kernel`. Multiple different staggered fields can be
used, but they all need to use the same stencil (i.e. the same number of staggered points) and
gpu_exclusive_conditions: whether to use nested conditionals instead of multiple conditionals
target: 'cpu', 'llvm' or 'gpu'
gpu_exclusive_conditions: disable the use of multiple conditionals inside the loop. The outer layers are then
handled in an else branch.
kwargs: passed directly to create_kernel, iteration_slice and ghost_layers parameters are not allowed
......@@ -277,7 +279,28 @@ def create_staggered_kernel(assignments, gpu_exclusive_conditions=False, **kwarg
return sp.And(*conditions)
if gpu_exclusive_conditions:
raise NotImplementedError('gpu_exclusive_conditions is not implemented yet')
outer_assignment = None
for assignment in assignments:
direction = assignment.lhs.field.staggered_stencil[assignment.lhs.index[0]]
assignment = SympyAssignment(assignment.lhs, assignment.rhs)
outer_assignment = Conditional(condition(direction), Block([assignment]), outer_assignment)
inner_assignment = []
for assignment in assignments:
direction = assignment.lhs.field.staggered_stencil[assignment.lhs.index[0]]
inner_assignment.append(SympyAssignment(assignment.lhs, assignment.rhs))
last_conditional = Conditional(sp.And(*[condition(d) for d in stencil]),
Block(inner_assignment), outer_assignment)
final_assignments = [s for s in subexpressions if not hasattr(s, 'lhs')] + \
[SympyAssignment(s.lhs, s.rhs) for s in subexpressions if hasattr(s, 'lhs')] + \
if target == 'cpu':
from pystencils.cpu import create_kernel as create_kernel_cpu
ast = create_kernel_cpu(final_assignments, ghost_layers=ghost_layers, **kwargs)
ast = create_kernel(final_assignments, ghost_layers=ghost_layers, target=target, **kwargs)
return ast
for assignment in assignments:
direction = assignment.lhs.field.staggered_stencil[assignment.lhs.index[0]]
......@@ -290,6 +313,6 @@ def create_staggered_kernel(assignments, gpu_exclusive_conditions=False, **kwarg
remove_start_conditional = any([gl[0] == 0 for gl in ghost_layers])
prepend_optimizations = [lambda ast: remove_conditionals_in_staggered_kernel(ast, remove_start_conditional),
ast = create_kernel(final_assignments, ghost_layers=ghost_layers, cpu_prepend_optimizations=prepend_optimizations,
ast = create_kernel(final_assignments, ghost_layers=ghost_layers, target=target,
cpu_prepend_optimizations=prepend_optimizations, **kwargs)
return ast
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