Commit 4ae9e360 authored by Julian Hammer's avatar Julian Hammer
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considering loop step length to be one for kerncraft

parent a3cb1634
......@@ -59,7 +59,8 @@ class PyStencilsKerncraftKernel(kerncraft.kernel.KernelCode):
while cur_node is not None:
if isinstance(cur_node, LoopOverCoordinate):
loop_counter_sym = cur_node.loop_counter_symbol
loop_info = (, cur_node.start, cur_node.stop, cur_node.step)
loop_info = (, cur_node.start, cur_node.stop, 1)
# cur_node.step)
cur_node = cur_node.parent
self._loop_stack = list(reversed(self._loop_stack))
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