Commit 974febd7 authored by Martin Bauer's avatar Martin Bauer
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Merge branch 'macos' into 'master'

OpenCL macOS support

See merge request pycodegen/pystencils!87
parents 33648089 885fc9c7
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ class OpenClSympyPrinter(CudaSympyPrinter):
function_name, dimension = tuple(symbol_name.split("."))
dimension = self.DIMENSION_MAPPING[dimension]
function_name = self.INDEXING_FUNCTION_MAPPING[function_name]
return f"{function_name}({dimension})"
return f"int({function_name}({dimension}))"
def _print_TextureAccess(self, node):
raise NotImplementedError()
......@@ -30,6 +30,16 @@ def make_python_function(kernel_function_node, opencl_queue, opencl_ctx, argumen
if argument_dict is None:
argument_dict = {}
# check if double precision is supported and required
if any([d.double_fp_config == 0 for d in opencl_ctx.devices]):
for param in kernel_function_node.get_parameters():
if param.symbol.dtype.base_type:
if param.symbol.dtype.base_type.numpy_dtype == np.float64:
raise ValueError('OpenCL device does not support double precision')
if param.symbol.dtype.numpy_dtype == np.float64:
raise ValueError('OpenCL device does not support double precision')
# Changing of kernel name necessary since compilation with default name "kernel" is not possible (OpenCL keyword!)
kernel_function_node.function_name = "opencl_" + kernel_function_node.function_name
header_list = ['"opencl_stdint.h"'] + list(get_headers(kernel_function_node))
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