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Thin Logging & MPI abstraction for data handling

parent f151c637
......@@ -316,6 +316,20 @@ class DataHandling(ABC):
result += row_format.format(arr_name, inner_min_max, with_gl_min_max)
return result
def log(self, *args, level='INFO'):
"""Similar to print with additional information (time, rank)."""
def log_on_root(self, *args, level='INFO'):
"""Logs only on root process. For serial setups this is equivalent to log"""
def is_root(self):
"""Returns True for exactly one process in the simulation"""
def world_rank(self):
"""Number of current process"""
class Block:
"""Represents locally stored part of domain.
......@@ -341,3 +341,29 @@ class ParallelDataHandling(DataHandling):
w = wlb.field.createBinarizationVTKWriter(self.blocks, data_name, mask, name)
return output
def log(*args, level='INFO'):
level = level.upper()
message = " ".join(str(e) for e in args)
def log_on_root(self, *args, level='INFO'):
if self.is_root:
ParallelDataHandling.log(*args, level=level)
def is_root(self):
return wlb.mpi.worldRank() == 0
def world_rank(self):
return wlb.mpi.worldRank()
_log_map = {
'DEVEL': wlb.log_devel,
'RESULT': wlb.log_result,
'INFO': wlb.log_info,
'WARNING': wlb.log_warning,
'PROGRESS': wlb.log_progress,
import itertools
from typing import Sequence, Union
import numpy as np
import time
from pystencils import Field
from pystencils.datahandling.datahandling_interface import DataHandling
from pystencils.field import layout_string_to_tuple, spatial_layout_string_to_tuple, create_numpy_array_with_layout
......@@ -48,6 +49,7 @@ class SerialDataHandling(DataHandling):
self._periodicity = periodicity
self._field_information = {}
self.default_target = default_target
self._start_time = time.perf_counter()
def dim(self):
......@@ -356,3 +358,23 @@ class SerialDataHandling(DataHandling):
gl_to_remove = actual_ghost_layers - ghost_layers
ind_dims = 1 if self._field_information[name]['values_per_cell'] > 1 else 0
return remove_ghost_layers(self.cpu_arrays[name], ind_dims, gl_to_remove)
def log(self, *args, level='INFO'):
level = level.upper()
message = " ".join(str(e) for e in args)
time_running = time.perf_counter() - self._start_time
spacing = 7 - len(str(int(time_running)))
message = "[{: <8}]{}({:.3f} sec) {} ".format(level, spacing * '-', time_running, message)
print(message, flush=True)
def log_on_root(self, *args, level='INFO'):
self.log(*args, level=level)
def is_root(self):
return True
def world_rank(self):
return 0
......@@ -63,16 +63,17 @@ class TimeLoop:
def benchmark_run(self, time_steps=0, init_time_steps=0):
init_time_steps_rounded = modulo_ceil(init_time_steps, self._fixed_steps)
time_steps_rounded = modulo_ceil(time_steps, self._fixed_steps)
call_data = self._call_data
for i in range(init_time_steps_rounded // self._fixed_steps):
for func, kwargs in self._call_data:
for func, kwargs in call_data:
self.time_steps_run += init_time_steps_rounded
start = time.perf_counter()
for i in range(time_steps_rounded // self._fixed_steps):
for func, kwargs in self._call_data:
for func, kwargs in call_data:
end = time.perf_counter()
self.time_steps_run += time_steps_rounded
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