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Moment computation with velocity shift

parent d4679714
......@@ -284,7 +284,7 @@ is_shear_moment.shear_moments = set([c[0] * c[1] for c in itertools.combinations
def discrete_moment(func, moment, stencil):
def discrete_moment(func, moment, stencil, shift_velocity=None):
Computes discrete moment of given distribution function
......@@ -298,42 +298,48 @@ def discrete_moment(func, moment, stencil):
func: list of distribution functions for each direction
moment: can either be a exponent tuple, or a sympy polynomial expression
stencil: sequence of directions
shift_velocity: velocity vector u to compute central moments, the lattice velocity is replaced by
(lattice_velocity - shift_velocity)
assert len(stencil) == len(func)
if shift_velocity is None:
shift_velocity = (0,) * len(stencil[0])
res = 0
for factor, e in zip(func, stencil):
if type(moment) is tuple:
for vel, exponent in zip(e, moment):
factor *= vel ** exponent
for vel, shift, exponent in zip(e, shift_velocity, moment):
factor *= (vel - shift) ** exponent
res += factor
weight = moment
for variable, e_i in zip(MOMENT_SYMBOLS, e):
weight = weight.subs(variable, e_i)
for variable, e_i, shift in zip(MOMENT_SYMBOLS, e, shift_velocity):
weight = weight.subs(variable, e_i - shift)
res += weight * factor
return res
def moment_matrix(moments, stencil):
def moment_matrix(moments, stencil, shift_velocity=None):
Returns transformation matrix to moment space
each row corresponds to a moment, each column to a direction of the stencil
The entry i,j is the i'th moment polynomial evaluated at direction j
if shift_velocity is None:
shift_velocity = (0,) * len(stencil[0])
if type(moments[0]) is tuple:
def generator(row, column):
result = sp.Rational(1, 1)
for exponent, stencil_entry in zip(moments[row], stencil[column]):
result *= int(stencil_entry ** exponent)
for exponent, stencil_entry, shift in zip(moments[row], stencil[column], shift_velocity):
result *= (sp.sympify(stencil_entry) - shift) ** exponent
return result
def generator(row, column):
evaluated = moments[row]
for var, stencil_entry in zip(MOMENT_SYMBOLS, stencil[column]):
evaluated = evaluated.subs(var, stencil_entry)
for var, stencil_entry, shift in zip(MOMENT_SYMBOLS, stencil[column], shift_velocity):
evaluated = evaluated.subs(var, stencil_entry - shift)
return evaluated
return sp.Matrix(len(moments), len(stencil), generator)
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