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Adapted phasefield implementation

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......@@ -320,29 +320,26 @@ def get_update_rules_velocity(src_field, u_in, lb_method, force, density, sub_it
return update_u
def get_collision_assignments_hydro(density=1, optimization=None, sub_iterations=2, **kwargs):
def get_collision_assignments_hydro(lb_method, density, velocity_input, force, sub_iterations, symbolic_fields,
Get collision assignments for the hydrodynamic lattice Boltzmann step. Here the force gets applied in the moment
space. Afterwards the transformation back to the pdf space happens.
lb_method: moment based lattice Boltzmann method
density: the interpolated density of the simulation
optimization: for details see
velocity_input: velocity field for the hydrodynamic and Allen-Chan LB step
force: force vector containing a summation of the surface tension-, pressure-, viscous- and bodyforce vector
sub_iterations: number of updates of the velocity field
symbolic_fields: PDF fields for source and destination
kernel_type: collide_stream_push or collide_only
if optimization is None:
optimization = {}
params, opt_params = update_with_default_parameters(kwargs, optimization)
lb_method = params['lb_method']
stencil = lb_method.stencil
dimensions = len(stencil[0])
u_in = params['velocity_input']
force = params['force']
src_field = opt_params['symbolic_field']
dst_field = opt_params['symbolic_temporary_field']
src_field = symbolic_fields['symbolic_field']
dst_field = symbolic_fields['symbolic_temporary_field']
moment_matrix = lb_method.moment_matrix
rel = lb_method.relaxation_rates
......@@ -364,7 +361,8 @@ def get_collision_assignments_hydro(density=1, optimization=None, sub_iterations
m = sp.symbols("m_:{}".format(len(stencil)))
update_m = get_update_rules_velocity(src_field, u_in, lb_method, force, density, sub_iterations=sub_iterations)
update_m = get_update_rules_velocity(src_field, velocity_input, lb_method, force,
density, sub_iterations=sub_iterations)
u_symp = sp.symbols("u_:{}".format(dimensions))
for i in range(0, len(stencil)):
......@@ -372,7 +370,7 @@ def get_collision_assignments_hydro(density=1, optimization=None, sub_iterations
update_g = list()
var =, m)
if params['kernel_type'] == 'collide_stream_push':
if kernel_type == 'collide_stream_push':
push_accessor = StreamPushTwoFieldsAccessor()
post_collision_accesses = push_accessor.write(dst_field, stencil)
......@@ -383,7 +381,7 @@ def get_collision_assignments_hydro(density=1, optimization=None, sub_iterations
update_g.append(Assignment(post_collision_accesses[i], var[i]))
for i in range(dimensions):
update_g.append(Assignment(u_in.center_vector[i], u_symp[i]))
update_g.append(Assignment(velocity_input.center_vector[i], u_symp[i]))
hydro_lb_update_rule = AssignmentCollection(main_assignments=update_g,
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