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Removed inster_casts

parent 32c4acb5
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ from pystencils.typing.types import (is_supported_type, numpy_name_to_c, Abstrac
from pystencils.typing.typed_sympy import (assumptions_from_dtype, TypedSymbol, FieldStrideSymbol, FieldShapeSymbol,
from pystencils.typing.utilities import (typed_symbols, get_base_type, result_type, collate_types,
get_type_of_expression, insert_casts, get_next_parent_of_type, parents_of_type)
get_type_of_expression, get_next_parent_of_type, parents_of_type)
__all__ = ['CastFunc', 'BooleanCastFunc', 'VectorMemoryAccess', 'ReinterpretCastFunc', 'PointerArithmeticFunc',
......@@ -13,4 +13,4 @@ __all__ = ['CastFunc', 'BooleanCastFunc', 'VectorMemoryAccess', 'ReinterpretCast
'VectorType', 'PointerType', 'StructType', 'create_type',
'assumptions_from_dtype', 'TypedSymbol', 'FieldStrideSymbol', 'FieldShapeSymbol', 'FieldPointerSymbol',
'typed_symbols', 'get_base_type', 'result_type', 'collate_types',
'get_type_of_expression', 'insert_casts', 'get_next_parent_of_type', 'parents_of_type']
'get_type_of_expression', 'get_next_parent_of_type', 'parents_of_type']
......@@ -211,101 +211,6 @@ if int(sympy_version[0]) * 100 + int(sympy_version[1]) >= 109:
sp.Basic.__reduce_ex__ = basic_reduce_ex
def insert_casts(node):
"""Checks the types and inserts casts and pointer arithmetic where necessary.
node: the head node of the ast
modified AST
from pystencils.astnodes import SympyAssignment, ResolvedFieldAccess, LoopOverCoordinate, Block
def cast(zipped_args_types, target_dtype):
Adds casts to the arguments if their type differs from the target type
:param zipped_args_types: a zipped list of args and types
:param target_dtype: The target data type
:return: args with possible casts
casted_args = []
for argument, data_type in zipped_args_types:
if data_type.numpy_dtype != target_dtype.numpy_dtype: # ignoring const
casted_args.append(CastFunc(argument, target_dtype))
return casted_args
def pointer_arithmetic(expr_args):
Creates a valid pointer arithmetic function
:param expr_args: Arguments of the add expression
:return: pointer_arithmetic_func
pointer = None
new_args = []
for arg, data_type in expr_args:
if data_type.func is PointerType:
assert pointer is None
pointer = arg
for arg, data_type in expr_args:
if arg != pointer:
assert data_type.is_int() or data_type.is_uint()
new_args = sp.Add(*new_args) if len(new_args) > 0 else new_args
return PointerArithmeticFunc(pointer, new_args)
if isinstance(node, sp.AtomicExpr) or isinstance(node, CastFunc):
return node
args = []
for arg in node.args:
# TODO indexed, LoopOverCoordinate
if node.func in (sp.Add, sp.Mul, sp.Or, sp.And, sp.Pow, sp.Eq, sp.Ne, sp.Lt, sp.Le, sp.Gt, sp.Ge):
# TODO optimize pow, don't cast integer on double
types = [get_type_of_expression(arg) for arg in args]
assert len(types) > 0
# Never ever, ever collate to float type for boolean functions!
target = collate_types(types, forbid_collation_to_float=isinstance(node.func, BooleanFunction))
zipped = list(zip(args, types))
if target.func is PointerType:
assert node.func is sp.Add
return pointer_arithmetic(zipped)
return node.func(*cast(zipped, target))
elif node.func is SympyAssignment:
lhs = args[0]
rhs = args[1]
target = get_type_of_expression(lhs)
if target.func is PointerType:
return node.func(*args) # TODO fix, not complete
return node.func(lhs, *cast([(rhs, get_type_of_expression(rhs))], target))
elif node.func is ResolvedFieldAccess:
return node
elif node.func is Block:
for old_arg, new_arg in zip(node.args, args):
node.replace(old_arg, new_arg)
return node
elif node.func is LoopOverCoordinate:
for old_arg, new_arg in zip(node.args, args):
node.replace(old_arg, new_arg)
return node
elif node.func is sp.Piecewise:
expressions = [expr for (expr, _) in args]
types = [get_type_of_expression(expr) for expr in expressions]
target = collate_types(types)
zipped = list(zip(expressions, types))
casted_expressions = cast(zipped, target)
args = [
arg.func(*[expr, arg.cond])
for (arg, expr) in zip(args, casted_expressions)
return node.func(*args)
def get_next_parent_of_type(node, parent_type):
"""Returns the next parent node of given type or None, if root is reached.
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