Commit 9439a25f authored by Jan Hönig's avatar Jan Hönig
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Made CreateKernelConfig pickable

parent e4766ca5
......@@ -125,6 +125,14 @@ class CreateKernelConfig:
periodicity kernel, that access the field outside the iteration bounds. Use with care!
class DataTypeFactory:
"""Because of pickle, we need to have a nested class, instead of a lambda in __post_init__"""
def __init__(self, dt):
self.dt = dt
def __call__(self):
return BasicType(self.dt)
def __post_init__(self):
# ---- Legacy parameters
# TODO Sane defaults: Check for abmigous types like "float", python float, which are dangerous for users
......@@ -145,8 +153,9 @@ class CreateKernelConfig:
# Normalise data types
if not isinstance(self.data_type, dict):
dt = copy(self.data_type) # The copy is necessary because BasicType has sympy shinanigans
self.data_type = defaultdict(lambda: BasicType(dt))
self.data_type = defaultdict(self.DataTypeFactory(dt))
if not isinstance(self.default_number_float, BasicType):
self.default_number_float = BasicType(self.default_number_float)
if not isinstance(self.default_number_int, BasicType):
self.default_number_int = BasicType(self.default_number_int)
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