Commit edc023ad authored by Jan Hönig's avatar Jan Hönig
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Deleted unneeded local function. By that point all symbols should have been typed already.

parent a822e204
......@@ -45,18 +45,6 @@ def create_kernel(assignments: Union[AssignmentCollection, NodeCollection],
split_groups = assignments.simplification_hints['split_groups']
assignments = assignments.all_assignments
# TODO Jan: try to delete
def type_symbol(term):
if isinstance(term, Field.Access) or isinstance(term, TypedSymbol):
return term
elif isinstance(term, sp.Symbol):
if isinstance(type_info, str) or not hasattr(type_info, '__getitem__'):
return TypedSymbol(, create_type(type_info))
return TypedSymbol(, type_info[])
raise ValueError("Term has to be field access or symbol")
# TODO Jan Cleanup: move add_types to create_domain_kernel or create_kernel?
assignments = add_types(assignments, config)
......@@ -75,8 +63,7 @@ def create_kernel(assignments: Union[AssignmentCollection, NodeCollection],
ghost_layers=ghost_layer_info, function_name=function_name, assignments=assignments)
if split_groups:
typed_split_groups = [[type_symbol(s) for s in split_group] for split_group in split_groups]
split_inner_loop(ast_node, typed_split_groups)
split_inner_loop(ast_node, split_groups)
base_pointer_spec = [['spatialInner0'], ['spatialInner1']] if len(loop_order) >= 2 else [['spatialInner0']]
base_pointer_info = { parse_base_pointer_info(base_pointer_spec, loop_order,
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