Commit 7588d826 authored by Helen Schottenhamml's avatar Helen Schottenhamml
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Work around for strict overflow Warning for gcc_7_hybrid.

parent c3aa9a6c
......@@ -249,13 +249,16 @@ WalberlaBoundaryHandling<LatticeModel_T>::operator()( IBlock * const block, cons
CellInterval west( domainBB.xMin(), domainBB.yMin(), domainBB.zMin(),
domainBB.xMin() + ghost - cell_idx_c(1), domainBB.yMax(), domainBB.zMax());
for(auto cell : west) {
const cell_idx_t x = cell.x();
const cell_idx_t y = cell.y();
const cell_idx_t z = cell.z();
Cell offset(0,0,0);
storage->transformBlockLocalToGlobalCell(offset, *block);
Cell globalCell;
storage->transformBlockLocalToGlobalCell(globalCell, *block, cell);
//NOTE this for loop assumes west.empty()=false to avoid strict-overflow warning for gcc_7_hybrid
for( auto cellIt = cell::CellIntervalIterator(west, west.min()); cellIt != west.end(); ++cellIt ) {
const cell_idx_t x = cellIt->x();
const cell_idx_t y = cellIt->y();
const cell_idx_t z = cellIt->z();
Cell globalCell = *cellIt + offset;
const real_t coordY = globalCell[1] + 0.5 * storage->dy(level);
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