Commit 0d6422fb authored by Martin Bauer's avatar Martin Bauer
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Changed notebook testrunner: use modules instead of exec

- works also with ps.kernel decorator
parent 1a37be50
......@@ -17,19 +17,19 @@ except ImportError:
def create_data_handling(domain_size: Tuple[int, ...],
periodicity: Union[bool, Tuple[bool, ...]] = False,
default_layout: str = 'SoA',
default_target: str = 'cpu',
parallel: bool = False,
default_ghost_layers: int = 1) -> DataHandling:
"""Creates a data handling instance.
domain_size: size of the rectangular domain
periodicity: either True, False for full or no periodicity or a tuple of booleans indicating periodicity
for each coordinate
default_layout: default array layout, that is used if not explicitly specified in 'add_array'
default_target: either 'cpu' or 'gpu'
parallel: if True a parallel domain is created using walberla - each MPI process gets a part of the domain
default_ghost_layers: default number of ghost layers if not overwritten in 'add_array'
if parallel:
if wlb is None:
......@@ -52,10 +52,10 @@ def create_data_handling(domain_size: Tuple[int, ...],
# noinspection PyArgumentList
block_storage = wlb.createUniformBlockGrid(cells=domain_size, periodic=periodicity)
return ParallelDataHandling(blocks=block_storage, dim=dim,
return ParallelDataHandling(blocks=block_storage, dim=dim, default_target=default_target,
default_layout=default_layout, default_ghost_layers=default_ghost_layers)
return SerialDataHandling(domain_size, periodicity=periodicity,
return SerialDataHandling(domain_size, periodicity=periodicity, default_target=default_target,
default_layout=default_layout, default_ghost_layers=default_ghost_layers)
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