Commit 20897779 authored by Jan Hönig's avatar Jan Hönig Committed by Martin Bauer
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Removed unused llvm code

parent 8788b468
from pystencils.astnodes import SympyAssignment, Block, LoopOverCoordinate, KernelFunction
from pystencils.transformations import resolve_field_accesses, \
type_all_equations, move_constants_before_loop, insert_casts
from pystencils.data_types import TypedSymbol, BasicType, StructType
from pystencils.field import FieldType
from pystencils.transformations import insert_casts
from functools import partial
from pystencils.llvm.llvmjit import make_python_function
......@@ -54,51 +50,4 @@ def create_indexed_kernel(assignments, index_fields, function_name="kernel", typ
:param coordinate_names: name of the coordinate fields in the struct data type
:return: abstract syntax tree
fields_read, fields_written, assignments = type_all_equations(assignments, type_info)
all_fields = fields_read.union(fields_written)
for indexField in index_fields:
indexField.fieldType = FieldType.INDEXED
assert FieldType.is_indexed(indexField)
assert indexField.spatial_dimensions == 1, "Index fields have to be 1D"
non_index_fields = [f for f in all_fields if f not in index_fields]
spatial_coordinates = {f.spatial_dimensions for f in non_index_fields}
assert len(spatial_coordinates) == 1, "Non-index fields do not have the same number of spatial coordinates"
spatial_coordinates = list(spatial_coordinates)[0]
def get_coordinate_symbol_assignment(name):
for index_field in index_fields:
assert isinstance(index_field.dtype, StructType), "Index fields have to have a struct datatype"
data_type = index_field.dtype
if data_type.has_element(name):
rhs = index_field[0](name)
lhs = TypedSymbol(name, BasicType(data_type.get_element_type(name)))
return SympyAssignment(lhs, rhs)
raise ValueError("Index %s not found in any of the passed index fields" % (name,))
coordinate_symbol_assignments = [get_coordinate_symbol_assignment(n)
for n in coordinate_names[:spatial_coordinates]]
coordinate_typed_symbols = [eq.lhs for eq in coordinate_symbol_assignments]
assignments = coordinate_symbol_assignments + assignments
# make 1D loop over index fields
loop_body = Block([])
loop_node = LoopOverCoordinate(loop_body, coordinate_to_loop_over=0, start=0, stop=index_fields[0].shape[0])
for assignment in assignments:
function_body = Block([loop_node])
ast = KernelFunction(function_body, None, function_name, backend='llvm')
read_only_fields = set([ for f in fields_read - fields_written])
fixed_coordinate_mapping = { coordinate_typed_symbols for f in non_index_fields}
resolve_field_accesses(ast, read_only_fields, field_to_fixed_coordinates=fixed_coordinate_mapping)
ast.compile = partial(make_python_function, ast)
return ast
raise NotImplementedError
......@@ -105,24 +105,6 @@ class Jit(object):
def optimize_polly(self, opt):
if shutil.which(opt) is None:
print('Path to the executable is wrong')
canonicalize = subprocess.Popen([opt, '-polly-canonicalize'], stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
analyze = subprocess.Popen(
[opt, '-polly-codegen', '-polly-vectorizer=polly', '-polly-parallel', '-polly-process-unprofitable', '-f'],
stdin=canonicalize.stdout, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
optimize = subprocess.Popen([opt, '-O3', '-f'], stdin=analyze.stdout, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
opts, _ = optimize.communicate()
llvmmod = llvm.parse_bitcode(opts)
self.llvmmod = llvmmod
def compile(self):
fptr = {}
for func in self.module.functions:
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