Commit 27cf4f19 authored by Martin Bauer's avatar Martin Bauer
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Fixes in vectorization to also support float kernels

parent 866e9fc0
......@@ -272,6 +272,7 @@ class CustomSympyPrinter(CCodePrinter):
return res
# noinspection PyPep8Naming
class VectorizedCustomSympyPrinter(CustomSympyPrinter):
SummandInfo = namedtuple("SummandInfo", ['sign', 'term'])
......@@ -721,6 +721,8 @@ class KernelConstraintsCheck:
elif isinstance(rhs, sp.Mul):
new_args = [self.process_expression(arg) if arg not in (-1, 1) else arg for arg in rhs.args]
return rhs.func(*new_args) if new_args else rhs
elif isinstance(rhs, sp.Indexed):
return rhs
if isinstance(rhs, sp.Pow):
# don't process exponents -> they should remain integers
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