Commit 48646a0b authored by Stephan Seitz's avatar Stephan Seitz
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Add spatial_coordinates

parent 0a8c16b0
......@@ -12,6 +12,8 @@ from .kernelcreation import create_indexed_kernel, create_kernel, create_stagger
from .simp import AssignmentCollection
from .slicing import make_slice
from .sympyextensions import SymbolCreator
from .spatial_coordinates import (x_, x_staggered, x_staggered_vector, x_vector,
y_, y_staggered, z_, z_staggered)
import pystencils_autodiff
......@@ -30,5 +32,8 @@ __all__ = ['Field', 'FieldType', 'fields',
'x_', 'y_', 'z_',
'x_staggered', 'y_staggered', 'z_staggered',
'x_vector', 'x_staggered_vector',
import sympy
import pystencils
import pystencils.astnodes
x_, y_, z_ = tuple(pystencils.astnodes.LoopOverCoordinate.get_loop_counter_symbol(i) for i in range(3))
x_staggered, y_staggered, z_staggered = x_ + 0.5, y_ + 0.5, z_ + 0.5
def x_vector(ndim):
return sympy.Matrix(tuple(pystencils.astnodes.LoopOverCoordinate.get_loop_counter_symbol(i) for i in range(ndim)))
def x_staggered_vector(ndim):
return sympy.Matrix(tuple(
pystencils.astnodes.LoopOverCoordinate.get_loop_counter_symbol(i) + 0.5 for i in range(ndim)
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