Commit 83e87342 authored by Martin Bauer's avatar Martin Bauer Committed by Martin Bauer
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lbmpy: various small improvements

- getShearRelaxationRate is a free function now -> works also with cumulant methods
- better error message when calling kernels with wrong or too few parameters
- entropic & incompressible is not working by default due to pdf shift -> added NotImplemented exception
- new creation function for 'raw_mrt' where all relaxation rates can be independently specified
- enhanced entropic creation funtion, supports omega output field now
parent dbbfba4a
......@@ -400,7 +400,11 @@ def buildCTypeArgumentList(parameterSpecification, argumentDict):
arrayShapes = set()
for arg in parameterSpecification:
if arg.isFieldArgument:
field = argumentDict[arg.fieldName]
field = argumentDict[arg.fieldName]
except KeyError:
raise KeyError("Missing field parameter for kernel call " + arg.fieldName)
symbolicField = arg.field
if arg.isFieldPtrArgument:
......@@ -429,7 +433,10 @@ def buildCTypeArgumentList(parameterSpecification, argumentDict):
assert False
param = argumentDict[]
param = argumentDict[]
except KeyError:
raise KeyError("Missing parameter for kernel call " +
expectedType = ctypeFromString(arg.dtype)
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