Commit c27719f0 authored by Martin Bauer's avatar Martin Bauer
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OpenMP Bugfix

parent 293e3d0c
......@@ -72,11 +72,11 @@ def addOpenMP(astNode, schedule="static", numThreads=None):
assert type(astNode) is ast.KernelFunction
body = astNode.body
wrapperBlock = ast.PragmaBlock('#pragma omp parallel', body.takeChildNodes())
threadsClause = "" if numThreads is None else " num_threads(%s)" % (numThreads,)
wrapperBlock = ast.PragmaBlock('#pragma omp parallel' + threadsClause, body.takeChildNodes())
outerLoops = [l for l in body.atoms(ast.LoopOverCoordinate) if l.isOutermostLoop]
assert outerLoops, "No outer loop found"
assert len(outerLoops) <= 1, "More than one outer loop found. Which one should be parallelized?"
threadsClause = "" if numThreads is None else " num_threads(%s)" % (numThreads,)
outerLoops[0].prefixLines.append("#pragma omp for schedule(%s)%s" % (schedule,threadsClause))
outerLoops[0].prefixLines.append("#pragma omp for schedule(%s)" % (schedule,))
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