Commit e99e8a93 authored by Martin Bauer's avatar Martin Bauer
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Bugfix in new mask_conditionals (vectorization)

parent 08540d5f
......@@ -144,13 +144,16 @@ def mask_conditionals(loop_body):
def visit_node(node, mask):
if isinstance(node, ast.Conditional):
cond = node.condition_expr
cond = cond if loop_body.loop_counter_symbol in cond.atoms(sp.Symbol) else True
skip = (loop_body.loop_counter_symbol not in cond.atoms(sp.Symbol)) or cond.func in (vec_all, vec_any)
cond = True if skip else cond
true_mask = sp.And(cond, mask)
visit_node(node.true_block, true_mask)
if node.false_block:
false_mask = sp.And(sp.Not(node.condition_expr), mask)
visit_node(node, false_mask)
node.condition_expr = vec_any(node.condition_expr)
if not skip:
node.condition_expr = vec_any(node.condition_expr)
elif isinstance(node, ast.SympyAssignment):
if mask is not True:
s = {ma: vector_memory_access(ma.args[0], ma.args[1], ma.args[2], ma.args[3], sp.And(mask, ma.args[4]))
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