Commit a25ab0ff authored by Richard Angersbach's avatar Richard Angersbach
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Fix out-of-bounds for layout trafo in I/O test.

parent b80009b1
......@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@ Layout NodeWithComm < Real, Node >@all {
// field layout transformations
LayoutTransformations {
transform src@finest with [x, y] => [x/2, y, (x+y)%2]
transform dest@finest with [x, y] => [x/2, y, (x+y)%2]
transform src@finest with [x, y] => [x/2, y/2, (x+y)%2]
transform dest@finest with [x, y] => [x/2, y/2, (x+y)%2]
// field declarations
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