Commit cb2fd423 authored by Richard Angersbach's avatar Richard Angersbach
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Merge branch 'devel/NUMA_aware_initialization' into 'master'

Use NUMA-aware zero-initialization for matrix-fields

See merge request exastencils/exastencils!75
parents ac85e74b aa2fb6cb
......@@ -52,6 +52,9 @@ case class IR_InitFieldsWithZero() extends IR_FuturePlainFunction {
loopOverDims.parallelization.potentiallyParallel = true
loopOverDims.polyOptLevel = 1
// parallelize only field dimensions (< Knowledge.dimensionality) and not matrix dimensions (important for the NUMA-aware initialization of matrix-fields)
loopOverDims.parDims.retain(p => p < Knowledge.dimensionality)
val wrapped = IR_LoopOverFragments(
IR_IfCondition(IR_IV_IsValidForDomain(field.domain.index), loopOverDims),
IR_ParallelizationInfo(potentiallyParallel = true))
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