Commit ee7ec781 authored by Richard Angersbach's avatar Richard Angersbach
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Fix for compound assignments using mask blending.

parent 3e1c03ed
......@@ -581,7 +581,7 @@ private object VectorizeInnermost extends PartialFunction[Node, Transformation.O
ctx.addStmt(IR_Comment("Copy: " + lhsSca.prettyprint()))
val (copyName, _) = ctx.getName(IR_VariableAccess("copyVec", SIMD_RealDatatype))
val copy = IR_VariableAccess(copyName, SIMD_RealDatatype)
vectorizeStmt(IR_Assignment(copy, lhsSca, op), ctx)
vectorizeStmt(IR_Assignment(copy, lhsSca), ctx)
vectorizeStmt(IR_Assignment(lhsSca, SIMD_Blendv(copy, rhsSca, mask), op), ctx)
case _ : IR_IfCondition =>
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