Commit ca609faf authored by Helen Schottenhamml's avatar Helen Schottenhamml
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Custom floating point precision for boundary conditions.

parent 7df9ca58
......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ class UBB(LbBoundary):
name: optional name of the boundary.
def __init__(self, velocity, adapt_velocity_to_force=False, dim=None, name=None):
def __init__(self, velocity, adapt_velocity_to_force=False, dim=None, name=None, data_type='double'):
super(UBB, self).__init__(name)
self._velocity = velocity
self._adaptVelocityToForce = adapt_velocity_to_force
......@@ -134,13 +134,14 @@ class UBB(LbBoundary):
elif not callable(self._velocity):
dim = len(velocity)
self.dim = dim
self.data_type = data_type
def additional_data(self):
""" In case of the UBB boundary additional data is a velocity vector. This vector is added to each cell to
realize velocity profiles for the inlet."""
if self.velocity_is_callable:
return [('vel_%d' % (i,), create_type("double")) for i in range(self.dim)]
return [('vel_%d' % (i,), create_type(self.data_type)) for i in range(self.dim)]
return []
......@@ -291,7 +292,9 @@ class ExtrapolationOutflow(LbBoundary):
def __init__(self, normal_direction, lb_method, dt=1, dx=1, name=None,
streaming_pattern='pull', zeroth_timestep=Timestep.BOTH,
initial_density=None, initial_velocity=None):
initial_density=None, initial_velocity=None, data_type='double'):
self.data_type = data_type
self.lb_method = lb_method
self.stencil = lb_method.stencil
......@@ -359,7 +362,7 @@ class ExtrapolationOutflow(LbBoundary):
def additional_data(self):
"""Used internally only. For the ExtrapolationOutflow information of the previous PDF values is needed. This
information is stored in the index vector."""
data = [('pdf', create_type("double")), ('pdf_nd', create_type("double"))]
data = [('pdf', create_type(self.data_type)), ('pdf_nd', create_type(self.data_type))]
return data
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