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add DiffusionDirichlet boundary condition

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from lbmpy.boundaries.boundaryconditions import (
UBB, FixedDensity, SimpleExtrapolationOutflow, ExtrapolationOutflow, NeumannByCopy, NoSlip, StreamInConstant)
UBB, FixedDensity, DiffusionDirichlet, SimpleExtrapolationOutflow, ExtrapolationOutflow, NeumannByCopy, NoSlip, StreamInConstant)
from lbmpy.boundaries.boundaryhandling import LatticeBoltzmannBoundaryHandling
__all__ = ['NoSlip', 'UBB', 'SimpleExtrapolationOutflow', 'ExtrapolationOutflow', 'FixedDensity', 'NeumannByCopy',
__all__ = ['NoSlip', 'UBB', 'SimpleExtrapolationOutflow', 'ExtrapolationOutflow', 'FixedDensity', 'DiffusionDirichlet', 'NeumannByCopy',
'LatticeBoltzmannBoundaryHandling', 'StreamInConstant']
......@@ -462,6 +462,40 @@ class FixedDensity(LbBoundary):
# end class FixedDensity
class DiffusionDirichlet(LbBoundary):
"""Boundary condition for advection-diffusion problems that fixes the concentration at the obstacle.
concentration: value of the concentration which should be set.
name: optional name of the boundary.
def __init__(self, concentration, name=None):
if name is None:
name = "Diffusion Dirichlet " + str(concentration)
super(DiffusionDirichlet, self).__init__(name)
self._concentration = concentration
def get_additional_code_nodes(self, lb_method):
"""Return a list of code nodes that will be added in the generated code before the index field loop.
lb_method: Lattice Boltzmann method. See :func:`lbmpy.creationfunctions.create_lb_method`
list containing LbmWeightInfo
return [LbmWeightInfo(lb_method)]
def __call__(self, f_out, f_in, dir_symbol, inv_dir, lb_method, index_field):
w_dir = LbmWeightInfo.weight_of_direction(dir_symbol, lb_method)
return [Assignment(f_in(inv_dir[dir_symbol]),
2 * w_dir * self._concentration - f_out(dir_symbol))]
# end class DiffusionDirichlet
class NeumannByCopy(LbBoundary):
"""Neumann boundary condition which is implemented by coping the PDF values to achieve similar values at the fluid
and the boundary node"""
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