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# Changelog
## [Unreleased]
## [4.1] - 2019-04-19
### Added
- Galerkin coarsening for Multigrid
- LBM-PE-Coupling:
- new coupling approach for unresolved particle interactions (discrete particle method)
- adaptive grid refinement for coupled simulations
- load balancing functionalities for coupled simulations
- module description
- integrated *pystencils* and *lbmpy* code generation for kernels and pack infos
- new GPU communication, including support for GPUDirect
- load balancing functionality for the pe
- implemented IProbe communication as an alternative to two message communication for unknown size communication
- new creation helpers for BlockForest
- Minor:
- dynamic load balancing now possible with levels ignored
- `ExtendedBoundaryHandlingFactory` now uses `ParserUBB` instead of `UBB` so that velocity profiles can be specified as an equation in a parameter file
- Enabled the body selection functions for PSM coupling method
- grid_generators now allow range based for loops
### Changed
- A compiler with full C++14 support is now required
- All Boost usage has been replaced with the corresponding standard library functionality, except for Boost.Python (used for the `python_coupling` module), Boost.PropertyTree (used in `config::configToBoostPropertyTree`) and Boost.Graph (used by `math::EquationSystem`). This usually means you need to replace `boost::` with `std::` in your code and change some `#include`s.
- API changes in blockforest::PhantomBlockForest, blockforest::loadbalancing, pe::amr::weight_assignment
- API change for vtk::VTKOutput::getFilenames
- made SendBuffer memory access more high level
- PE coupling:
- changed body mapping functions: removed most of them, added mapping-decider function, accomodated changes to test cases, added new mapping test case
- changed pe coupling mapping functions interfaces, added new mapping functions, adapted test cases and benchmarks
- change in lubrication correction functionality to not require the lattice model but use the dynamic viscosity directly
- PE:
- rebased Union on BodyStorage
- `pe::Union`, `boundary::BoundaryHandling` and `boundary::BoundaryHandlingCollection` are now variadic templates instead of taking a tuple of bodies/boundaries/handlers. This means that you need to replace `std::tuple<A,B>` with `A,B` in these cases.
- using smart pointers for all memory management
- made setMass protected
- extended DEM collision model with dt
- pe::createBlockForest changed to support a variable number of processes
- changed BodyStatistics to use shared_ptr instead of reference
### Removed
- Remove dependency resolution from Singleton
- from PE
- Node
- PtrVector
- contacts from RigidBody
- attached bodies
- attachables
### Fixed
- Fix implict/explict naming in pe::cr
### Deprecated
- all dynamic level-wise balance functions (use the more general ones, without "level-wise")
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ set ( CMAKE_MODULE_PATH ${CMAKE_MODULE_PATH} ${walberla_SOURCE_DIR}/cmake )
include ( waLBerlaFunctions )
set_version( 4 0 )
set_version( 4 1 )
include( CMakeParseArguments )
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