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Fix Diffusion dirichlet

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......@@ -626,7 +626,7 @@ class DiffusionDirichlet(LbBoundary):
return [LbmWeightInfo(lb_method, self._data_type)]
def __call__(self, f_out, f_in, dir_symbol, inv_dir, lb_method, index_field):
assert lb_method.conserved_quantity_computation.zero_centered_pdfs is True, \
assert lb_method.conserved_quantity_computation.zero_centered_pdfs is False, \
"DiffusionDirichlet only works for methods with normal pdfs storage -> set zero_centered=False"
weight_info = LbmWeightInfo(lb_method, self._data_type)
w_dir = weight_info.weight_of_direction(dir_symbol, lb_method)
......@@ -31,7 +31,8 @@ def test_diffusion_boundary():
dh.add_array('pdfs', values_per_cell=stencil.Q)
dh.fill("pdfs", 0.0, ghost_layers=True)
lbm_config = LBMConfig(stencil=stencil, method=Method.SRT, relaxation_rate=1.8, compressible=True)
lbm_config = LBMConfig(stencil=stencil, method=Method.SRT, relaxation_rate=1.8,
compressible=True, zero_centered=False)
method = create_lb_method(lbm_config=lbm_config)
# Boundary Handling
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