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Added forcing subexpressions to entropic method

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......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ import sympy as sp
from lbmpy.maxwellian_equilibrium import get_weights
from lbmpy.methods.abstractlbmethod import AbstractLbMethod, LbmCollisionRule
from lbmpy.methods.conservedquantitycomputation import DensityVelocityComputation
from pystencils import Assignment
from pystencils import Assignment, AssignmentCollection
class EntropicEquilibriumSRT(AbstractLbMethod):
......@@ -55,9 +55,13 @@ class EntropicEquilibriumSRT(AbstractLbMethod):
rho = self._cqc.zeroth_order_moment_symbol
u = self._cqc.first_order_moment_symbols
all_subexpressions = []
if self._forceModel is not None:
all_subexpressions += AssignmentCollection(self._forceModel.subs_dict_force).all_assignments
if conserved_quantity_equations is None:
conserved_quantity_equations = self._cqc.equilibrium_input_equations_from_pdfs(f)
all_subexpressions = conserved_quantity_equations.all_assignments
all_subexpressions += conserved_quantity_equations.all_assignments
eq = []
for w_i, direction in zip(self.weights, self.stencil):
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