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Fix implizit force model

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from lbmpy.forcemodels import AbstractForceModel
from lbmpy.forcemodels import AbstractForceModel, default_velocity_shift
# =========================== Centered Cumulant Force Model ==========================================================
......@@ -22,3 +22,6 @@ class CenteredCumulantForceModel(AbstractForceModel):
def __call__(self, lb_method):
raise Exception('This force model does not provide a forcing term.')
def equilibrium_velocity_shift(self, density):
return default_velocity_shift(density, self.symbolic_force_vector)
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ class EntropicEquilibriumSRT(AbstractLbMethod):
"""Equilibrium from 'Minimal entropic kinetic models for hydrodynamics'
Ansumali, S. ; Karlin, I. V; Öttinger, H. C, (2003)
def __init__(self, stencil, relaxation_rate, force_model, conserved_quantity_calculation):
super(EntropicEquilibriumSRT, self).__init__(stencil)
......@@ -91,7 +92,4 @@ def create_srt_entropic(stencil, relaxation_rate, force_model, compressible):
raise NotImplementedError("entropic-srt only implemented for compressible models")
density_velocity_computation = DensityVelocityComputation(stencil, compressible, force_model)
return EntropicEquilibriumSRT(stencil, relaxation_rate, force_model, density_velocity_computation)
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