Commit c79890fd authored by Frederik Hennig's avatar Frederik Hennig
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Fixed sympy 1.2 incompatibility (I hope)

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......@@ -460,7 +460,7 @@ def set_up_shift_matrix(moments, stencil, velocity_symbols=sp.symbols("u_:3")):
N = sp.simplify(MN * M.inv())
assert N.is_lower, "Calculating the shift matrix gave not a lower diagonal matrix. Thus it failed"
assert sum(N.diagonal()) == len(stencil), "Calculating the shift matrix failed. " \
assert sum(N[i,i] for i in range(len(stencil))) == len(stencil), "Calculating the shift matrix failed. " \
"There are entries on the diagonal which are not equal to one"
return N
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