Commit ca1041b6 authored by Martin Bauer's avatar Martin Bauer
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Bugfix: entropic methods now work with CSE

- CSE has to be done after dynamic relaxation rate adaption
parent 724c9552
......@@ -266,11 +266,8 @@ def create_lb_collision_rule(lb_method=None, optimization={}, **kwargs):
lb_method = create_lb_method(**params)
split_inner_loop = 'split' in opt_params and opt_params['split']
dir_cse = 'cse_pdfs'
cse_pdfs = False if dir_cse not in opt_params else opt_params[dir_cse]
cse_global = False if 'cse_global' not in opt_params else opt_params['cse_global']
simplification = create_simplification_strategy(lb_method, cse_pdfs, cse_global, split_inner_loop)
simplification = create_simplification_strategy(lb_method, cse_pdfs=False, cse_global=False,
cqc = lb_method.conserved_quantity_computation
if params['velocity_input'] is not None:
......@@ -303,6 +300,15 @@ def create_lb_collision_rule(lb_method=None, optimization={}, **kwargs):
if 'split_groups' in collision_rule.simplification_hints:
cse_pdfs = False if 'cse_pdfs' not in opt_params else opt_params['cse_pdfs']
cse_global = False if 'cse_global' not in opt_params else opt_params['cse_global']
if cse_pdfs:
from lbmpy.methods.momentbasedsimplifications import cse_in_opposing_directions
collision_rule = cse_in_opposing_directions(collision_rule)
if cse_global:
from pystencils.simp import sympy_cse
collision_rule = sympy_cse(collision_rule)
return collision_rule
......@@ -65,8 +65,9 @@ class EntropicEquilibriumSRT(AbstractLbMethod):
all_subexpressions += force_subexpressions
collision_eqs = [Assignment(eq.lhs, eq.rhs + force_term_symbol)
for eq, force_term_symbol in zip(collision_eqs, force_term_symbols)]
return LbmCollisionRule(self, collision_eqs, all_subexpressions)
cr = LbmCollisionRule(self, collision_eqs, all_subexpressions)
cr.simplification_hints['relaxation_rates'] = []
return cr
def get_collision_rule(self):
return self._get_collision_rule_with_relaxation_rate(self._relaxationRate)
......@@ -147,9 +147,12 @@ def cse_in_opposing_directions(cr: LbmCollisionRule):
sh = cr.simplification_hints
assert 'relaxation_rates' in sh, "Needs simplification hint 'relaxation_rates': Sequence of relaxation rates"
update_rules = cr.main_assignments
stencil = cr.method.stencil
if not sh['relaxation_rates']:
return cr
relaxation_rates = sp.Matrix(sh['relaxation_rates']).atoms(sp.Symbol)
replacement_symbol_generator = cr.subexpression_symbol_generator
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