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Remove symbol replacement

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......@@ -607,13 +607,7 @@ def move_constants_before_loop(ast_node):
get_blocks(ast_node, all_blocks)
for block in all_blocks:
children = block.take_child_nodes()
# Every time a symbol can be replaced in the current block because the assignment
# was found in a parent block, but with a different lhs symbol (same rhs)
# the outer symbol is inserted here as key.
substitute_variables = {}
for child in children:
# Before traversing the next child, all symbols are substituted first.
if not isinstance(child, ast.SympyAssignment): # only move SympyAssignments
......@@ -629,14 +623,7 @@ def move_constants_before_loop(ast_node):
exists_already = False
if not exists_already:
rhs_identical = check_if_assignment_already_in_block(child, target, True)
if rhs_identical:
# there is already an assignment out there with the same rhs
# -> replace all lhs symbols in this block with the lhs of the outer assignment
# -> remove the local assignment (do not re-append child to the former block)
substitute_variables[child.lhs] = rhs_identical.lhs
target.insert_before(child, child_to_insert_before)
target.insert_before(child, child_to_insert_before)
elif exists_already and exists_already.rhs == child.rhs:
if target.args.index(exists_already) > target.args.index(child_to_insert_before):
assert target.args.count(exists_already) == 1
......@@ -650,7 +637,6 @@ def move_constants_before_loop(ast_node):
new_symbol = TypedSymbol(sp.Dummy().name, child.lhs.dtype)
target.insert_before(ast.SympyAssignment(new_symbol, child.rhs, is_const=child.is_const),
substitute_variables[child.lhs] = new_symbol
def split_inner_loop(ast_node: ast.Node, symbol_groups):
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