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Comment regarding likwid

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......@@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ def run_c_benchmark(ast, inner_iterations, outer_iterations=3, path=None,
warnings.warn("likwid-pin is not in the PATH. No pinning will be used!"
"The benchmark output might be slower than expected.")
pin_with_likwid = False
# -DLIKWID_PERFMON -L/mnt/opt/likwid-5.1.1/lib -I/mnt/opt/likwid-5.1.1/include -llikwid
if pin_with_likwid:
call_command = ['likwid-pin', '-q', '-c', f'N:0-{threads - 1}', './' / path / 'bench', str(inner_iterations)]
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