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Add type conversion for SP types

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......@@ -12,7 +12,8 @@ from pystencils.gpucuda.indexing import indexing_creator_from_params
from pystencils.simp.assignment_collection import AssignmentCollection
from pystencils.stencil import direction_string_to_offset, inverse_direction_string
from pystencils.transformations import (
loop_blocking, move_constants_before_loop, remove_conditionals_in_staggered_kernel)
loop_blocking, move_constants_before_loop, remove_conditionals_in_staggered_kernel,
def create_kernel(assignments,
......@@ -88,6 +89,8 @@ def create_kernel(assignments,
split_groups = assignments.simplification_hints['split_groups']
assignments = assignments.all_assignments
assignments = replace_data_type_of_typed_symbols(assignments, data_type)
# ---- Creating ast
if target == 'cpu':
from pystencils.cpu import create_kernel
......@@ -1101,6 +1101,15 @@ def remove_conditionals_in_staggered_kernel(function_node: ast.KernelFunction, i
def replace_data_type_of_typed_symbols(assignments, data_type):
"""changes the data types of the lhs of assignments which are already specified as TypedSymbol. This is needed
if the Assignments are already typed to double but the kernel is created for single precision"""
for i, assignment in enumerate(assignments):
if type(assignment.lhs) is TypedSymbol and assignment.lhs.dtype != data_type:
assignments[i] = Assignment(TypedSymbol(assignments[i], data_type), assignments[i].rhs)
return assignments
# --------------------------------------- Helper Functions -------------------------------------------------------------
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