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Added another avoid pow test case

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......@@ -92,3 +92,22 @@ def test_avoid_pow_fast_div():
code = ps.get_code_str(ast)
assert "pow" not in code
def test_avoid_pow_move_constants():
# At the end of the kernel creation the function move_constants_before_loop will be called
# This function additionally contains substitutions for symbols with the same value
# Thus it simplifies the equations again
x = ps.fields('x: float64[2d]')
a, b, c = sp.symbols("a, b, c")
up = [ps.Assignment(a, 0.0),
ps.Assignment(b, 0.0),
ps.Assignment(c, 0.0),
ps.Assignment(x.center_vector[0], a**2/18 - a*b/6 - a/18 + b**2/18 + b/18 - c**2/36)]
ast = ps.create_kernel(up)
code = ps.get_code_str(ast)
assert "pow" not in code
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