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Further small change

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...@@ -634,10 +634,10 @@ class BasicType(Type): ...@@ -634,10 +634,10 @@ class BasicType(Type):
return 'ComplexDouble' return 'ComplexDouble'
elif name.startswith('int'): elif name.startswith('int'):
width = int(name[len("int"):]) width = int(name[len("int"):])
return "int%d_t" % (width,) return f"int{width}_t"
elif name.startswith('uint'): elif name.startswith('uint'):
width = int(name[len("uint"):]) width = int(name[len("uint"):])
return "uint%d_t" % (width,) return f"uint{width}_t"
elif name == 'bool': elif name == 'bool':
return 'bool' return 'bool'
else: else:
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