Commit 5daf69e1 authored by Christoph Rettinger's avatar Christoph Rettinger
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Merge branch 'remove-misplaced-test-cmake' into 'master'

Remove misplaced line in blockforest/CMakeLists.txt

See merge request walberla/walberla!544
parents a61cb68f c87e4bbd
OPTION( WALBERLA_BLOCKFOREST_PRIMITIVE_BLOCKID "BlockForest: enables/disables BlockID implementation as a primitive data type (uint_t)" ON )
configure_file( CMakeDefs.h )
add_library( blockforest ../../tests/timeloop/TimeloopSweepManagementTest.cpp)
add_library( blockforest )
target_link_libraries( blockforest PUBLIC communication core domain_decomposition stencil )
target_sources( blockforest
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