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......@@ -78,26 +78,29 @@ public:
//** Type Definitions **********************************************************************************************
/*! \name Type Definitions */
static const uint_t F_SIZE = LatticeModel_T::Stencil::Size;
using LatticeModel = LatticeModel_T;
using Stencil = typename LatticeModel_T::Stencil;
typedef typename GhostLayerField< real_t >::value_type value_type;
using value_type = typename GhostLayerField<real_t, Stencil::Size>::value_type;
using iterator = typename GhostLayerField<real_t, Stencil::Size>::iterator;
using const_iterator = typename GhostLayerField<real_t, Stencil::Size>::const_iterator;
typedef typename GhostLayerField< real_t >::iterator iterator;
typedef typename GhostLayerField< real_t >::const_iterator const_iterator;
using reverse_iterator = typename GhostLayerField<real_t, Stencil::Size>::reverse_iterator;
using const_reverse_iterator = typename GhostLayerField<real_t, Stencil::Size>::const_reverse_iterator;
typedef typename GhostLayerField< real_t >::reverse_iterator reverse_iterator;
typedef typename GhostLayerField< real_t >::const_reverse_iterator const_reverse_iterator;
using base_iterator = typename GhostLayerField<real_t, Stencil::Size>::base_iterator;
using const_base_iterator = typename GhostLayerField<real_t, Stencil::Size>::const_base_iterator;
typedef typename GhostLayerField< real_t >::base_iterator base_iterator;
typedef typename GhostLayerField< real_t >::const_base_iterator const_base_iterator;
using Ptr = typename GhostLayerField<real_t, Stencil::Size>::Ptr;
using ConstPtr = typename GhostLayerField<real_t, Stencil::Size>::ConstPtr;
typedef typename GhostLayerField< real_t >::Ptr Ptr;
typedef typename GhostLayerField< real_t >::ConstPtr ConstPtr;
PdfField( const uint_t _xSize, const uint_t _ySize, const uint_t _zSize, const uint_t _fSize,
PdfField( const uint_t _xSize, const uint_t _ySize, const uint_t _zSize,
const LatticeModel_T & _latticeModel,
const bool initialize = true, const Vector3< real_t > & initialVelocity = Vector3< real_t >( real_t(0.0) ),
const real_t initialDensity = real_t(1.0),
......@@ -292,13 +295,13 @@ protected:
template< typename LatticeModel_T >
PdfField< LatticeModel_T >::PdfField( const uint_t _xSize, const uint_t _ySize, const uint_t _zSize, const uint_t _fSize,
PdfField< LatticeModel_T >::PdfField( const uint_t _xSize, const uint_t _ySize, const uint_t _zSize,
const LatticeModel_T & _latticeModel,
const bool initialize, const Vector3< real_t > & initialVelocity, const real_t initialDensity,
const uint_t ghostLayers, const field::Layout & _layout,
const shared_ptr< field::FieldAllocator<real_t> > & alloc ) :
GhostLayerField< real_t >( _xSize, _ySize, _zSize, _fSize, ghostLayers, _layout, alloc ),
GhostLayerField< real_t >( _xSize, _ySize, _zSize, LatticeModel_T::Stencil::Size, ghostLayers, _layout, alloc ),
latticeModel_( _latticeModel )
#ifdef _OPENMP
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