Commit 208b8d08 authored by Marcus Mohr's avatar Marcus Mohr
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Renames two typedefs in SingleRowIntegrationTest

Opposed to the library entities themselves the functions and objects
in our tests are usually not in the hyteg namespace. This generated a
problem (shadowing warning) for MatType used both by PETSc and inside
a function in SingleRowIntegrationTest. Commit changes the name and its
sibling RowType in the typedefs.
parent df2e2614
......@@ -70,13 +70,13 @@ real_t
template < typename Form, uint_t dim, uint_t rows, uint_t cols >
void compareRows( const Form& form, const std::array< Point3D, dim + 1 >& element, uint_t row, real_t tol )
typedef Matrixr< rows, cols > MatType;
typedef Matrixr< 1, cols > RowType;
typedef Matrixr< rows, cols > LocalMatType;
typedef Matrixr< 1, cols > LocalRowType;
MatType elMat;
RowType elRow;
RowType elRowOfFullMat;
RowType elRowDifference;
LocalMatType elMat;
LocalRowType elRow;
LocalRowType elRowOfFullMat;
LocalRowType elRowDifference;
form.integrateAll( element, elMat );
form.integrateRow( row, element, elRow );
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