Commit 8b049d45 authored by Marcus Mohr's avatar Marcus Mohr
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Removes two leftover declarations from VTKOuput

After recent changes the following two function members of VTKOutput
had no implementation anymore:
- writeHeader()
- writeFooterAndFile()
parent de94eed9
......@@ -148,10 +148,6 @@ class VTKOutput
std::string fileNameExtension( const vtk::DoFType& dofType, const uint_t& level, const uint_t& timestep ) const;
void writeHeader( std::ostringstream& output, const uint_t& numberOfPoints, const uint_t& numberOfCells ) const;
void writeFooterAndFile( std::ostringstream& output, const std::string& completeFilePath ) const;
void syncAllFunctions( const uint_t& level ) const;
/// Writes only macro-faces.
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