Commit 975c5a81 authored by Andreas Wagner's avatar Andreas Wagner
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adds missing DGFunction::setBoundaryCondition

parent 4815ce2f
......@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ class DGFunction final : public Function< DGFunction< ValueType > >
const std::map< PrimitiveID::IDType, uint_t >& localPrimitiveIDsToRank,
const std::map< PrimitiveID::IDType, uint_t >& otherPrimitiveIDsToRank ) const;
void setBoundaryCondition( BoundaryCondition bc ){WALBERLA_ABORT( "DGFunction::setBoundaryCondition not implemented!" )}
inline void setBoundaryCondition( BoundaryCondition bc ) { boundaryCondition_ = std::move(bc); }
inline ValueType dotLocal( const DGFunction< ValueType >& secondOp, uint_t level, DoFType flag ) const;
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