1. 15 Sep, 2021 2 commits
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      Updates to Generic/BlockFunctionPetsc.hpp · df2e2614
      Marcus Mohr authored
      Commit wraps implementation in HYTEG_BUILD_WITH_PETSC macro guards.
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      Implements PETSc vector <-> function conversion for GenericFunction · 068368aa
      Marcus Mohr authored
      The commit introduces implementations of
      - createVectorFromFunction()
      - createFunctionFromVector()
      for functions of type GenericFunction< PetscReal >.
      The two free functions reside in the new file GenericFunctionPetsc.hpp.
      Because of the peculiarities of GenericFunctions these free functions
      are, however, only wrappers that call the corresponding one of the two
      new member functions
      - GenericFunction::toVector()
      - GenericFunction::fromVector()
      As usual these are pure virtual and the actual work happens inside
      the member functions of the FunctionWrapper class.
      We extend the FunctionWrapperTest to check compilation and execution
      for various kinds of wrapped functions.
      Note that due to instantiation requirements the commit also implements
      - createVectorFromFunction()
      - createFunctionFromVector()
      for functions of type DGFunction. However, these implementations are
      pseudo only and will abort.