1. 16 Aug, 2021 1 commit
    • Marcus Mohr's avatar
      Further extends capabilities of VTKOutput · 87190569
      Marcus Mohr authored
      We can now export all of the following functions
      - P[1,2]Function
      - P[1,2]VectorFunction
      - EdgeDoFFunction
      - DGFunction
      for all of the following value types
      - double
      - int32_t
      - int64_t
      Commit extends VTKOutputTest to check that this works and also
      makes some details of the implementations in VTK*Writer classes
      more consistent.
  2. 13 Aug, 2021 2 commits
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      Extending capabilities of VTKOutput · 23072e16
      Marcus Mohr authored
      This commit changes VTKOutput so that it export also functions of the
      following kind:
      - P1Function< int32_t >
      - P1Function< int64_t >
      and not only P1Function< double >.
      For this we replace the std::vector< P1Function< real_t > > in the class
      by an object of type FunctionMultiStore. This new class allows to store
      multiple functions from the same family, which can but need not differ in
      their value types.
    • Marcus Mohr's avatar
      Small update to VTKP1Writer · 07b9171d
      Marcus Mohr authored
      Opening and closing of <DataArray> element is now handled inside
      writeScalarFunction and writeVectorFunction.
  3. 06 Aug, 2021 4 commits
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      Reduces datatype hardcoding in VTK writer classes · 25f7841b
      Marcus Mohr authored
      Occurences of double and "Float64" get replaced by real_t and
      typeToString< real_t >().
    • Marcus Mohr's avatar
      Further unburdening of VTKOutput class · e1a18a8f
      Marcus Mohr authored
      The private methods
      - void writeCells2D()
      - void writeCells3D()
      - writePointsForMicroVertices()
      - writePointsForMicroEdges()
      are now members of a new VTKMeshWriter friend class.
      The private methods
      - writeEdgeDoFs()
      - writeEdgeDoFData()
      are now members of a new VTKEdgeDoFWriter friend class.
      Makes enumeration vtk::DataFormat scoped for forward declarations
    • Marcus Mohr's avatar
      Converts VTKOutput::DoFType to vtk::DoFType · a1fd1614
      Marcus Mohr authored
      Having DoFType as private enum inside VTKOuput will not work together
      smoothly with the VTK*Writer friend classes when we need to pass a
      DoFType. E.g. we cannot forward declare it. So the commit makes it an
      enum inside the vtk namespace instead.
    • Marcus Mohr's avatar
      Starts disentangling of VTKOutput class · 261fd4a5
      Marcus Mohr authored
      Commits places the following free functions in the new file VTKHelpers.hpp
      - writeXMLHeader()
      - writeXMLFooter()
      - writePieceHeader()
      - writePieceFooter()
      They now belong to the namespace vtk.
      We also convert VTKOutput::openDataElement() into a free function, placed
      in the same file and namespace as above.
      Additionally we remove the class enum VTKOutput::VTK_DATA_FORMAT and replace
      it by vtk::DataFormat.
      The private methods
      - writeP1()
      - writeVertexDoFData()
      - writeP1VectorFunctionData()
      are now members of a new VTKP1Writer friend class.
      The private methods
      - writeP2()
      - writeSingleP2Function()
      - writeSingleP2VectorFunction()
      are now members of a new VTKP2Writer friend class.
      The private method
      - writeDGDoF()
      is now a member of a new VTKDGDoFWriter friend class.
      Finally we modify the VTKOutputTest so that some data are actually written
      in base64 encoded binary