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      Minor output edit in MGStudies · 39f4e339
      Nils Kohl authored
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      Removed some debug printout · c64dd2ea
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      Fixing casting issue · 237e26f4
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      Heavy refactoring of the distributed load balancing functionality. · 5c203d04
      Nils Kohl authored
      Objective was the reduction of global communication to a minimum.
      The migration did not scale well above 10k processes in some experiments.
      Major changes
      - not only the primitive -> rank map, but also the number of
        of expected primitives after migration is required for migration
        (wrapped by new class MigrationInfo)
      - added helper function that gathers the number of expected primitives
        if it cannot be easily calculated by the load balancing strategy
        (this method is expensive / scales badly, though)
      - replaced global reduction of migration info by neighborhood
        communication, gathering the future ranks of neighbor primitives
        before the actual migration
      - replaces global p2p message passing by using new PackageBufferSystem
        (no need to send empty messages to all processes anymore)
      - renamed copyDistribution() to reverseDistribution() because it fits better,
        also massively refactored the code
      - some minor test fixes
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      Implemented PackageBufferSystem. · 8b650f52
      Nils Kohl authored
      This buffer system is intended to allow communication if the sender
      ranks are not knowns on the receiver side, but the number of packages
      that are expected, is. Such functionality is not available in walberla.
      Thus, this might be ported to the walberla core eventually.
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