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      Adds demo for a new XDMF based output method · 9728f389
      Marcus Mohr authored
      This commit adds a demo for a new XDMF based output which is making use
      of the XdmfWriter library developed by TUM's Chair of Scientific Computing.
      We provide a new XdmfOutput class whose interface is modelled following
      that of our existing VTKOutput class. The xdmfDemo app shows how to use
      this new class. Currently we only support exporting data of P1 and P2
      functions in 2D. Also as with VTKOutput we create separate files for P1
      and P2 function data.
      An advantage of the XDMF based output is that we could write all timesteps
      into a single file, reducing the number of files, and also need to store
      the mesh information only once. Note that multiple time steps are currently
      not supported, but that should not be difficult to add.
      In order to run the demo perform the following steps
       git clone https://github.com/TUM-I5/XdmfWriter.git
       git checkout dev
       git submodule init
       git submodule update
       Set the XDMF_WRITER_ROOT to point to your local XdmfWriter repository.
       Run cmake and add -DHYTEG_BUILD_WITH_XDMFWRITER=yes
      As an example run the demo with
       mpirun -n 10 ./xdmfDemo ../data/meshes/porous_fine.msh
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