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Add the first version of TerraNeo app

This is to mainly add the first version of the TerraNeo app in relation to #243 (closed)

The solvers !755 (merged) !769 (merged) and the operators !757 (merged) needed for the app are already in master. We (@dascoli) currently have a working version which we want to test and resolve some issues (for example #259 (closed)) before merge, hence 'draft' status for now.

Minor things to be done,

  • Improve readme and logging
  • FE functions std::map (pending from #243 (closed))
  • Add/remove useful/less parameters

One extra operator from the src/terraneo/operators would be the P2TransportRHSOperator which is currently split but not yet fully used in the app.

PS: I am just helping in finishing the MR, the app is a joint effort of lot of other major contributors, see copyrights.

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