Commit 63536d22 authored by Markus Holzer's avatar Markus Holzer
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Merge branch 'cachelinezero' into 'master'

Disallow OpenMP + blocking + cacheline-zero

See merge request pycodegen/pystencils!242
parents e9bd89c8 0fe7727d
......@@ -107,6 +107,12 @@ def create_kernel(assignments,
elif isinstance(cpu_vectorize_info, dict):
vectorize(ast, **cpu_vectorize_info)
if cpu_openmp and cpu_blocking and 'nontemporal' in cpu_vectorize_info and \
cpu_vectorize_info['nontemporal'] and 'cachelineZero' in ast.instruction_set:
# This condition is stricter than it needs to be: if blocks along the fastest axis start on a
# cache line boundary, it's okay. But we cannot determine that here.
# We don't need to disallow OpenMP collapsing because it is never applied to the inner loop.
raise ValueError("Blocking cannot be combined with cacheline-zeroing")
raise ValueError("Invalid value for cpu_vectorize_info")
elif target == 'llvm':
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