Commit 51be3bd1 authored by Christian Godenschwager's avatar Christian Godenschwager
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Assert that pe body's type id is initialized when requested

parent cbc79ce4
......@@ -1170,7 +1170,11 @@ const Vec3 RigidBody::accFromWF( real_t px, real_t py, real_t pz ) const
inline id_t RigidBody::getTypeID() const{
inline id_t RigidBody::getTypeID() const
WALBERLA_ASSERT_LESS( typeID_, std::numeric_limits<id_t>::max(), "You are requesting the type " \
" id of a body, but the static type id for the body has not yet been " \
" initialized! Call SetBodyTypeIDs<BodyTypeTuple>::execute to initialize!" );
return typeID_;
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