Commit 32a60c94 authored by Markus Holzer's avatar Markus Holzer
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Fix stencil plot

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......@@ -357,7 +357,7 @@ def plot_2d(stencil, axes=None, figure=None, data=None, textsize='12', **kwargs)
return 0
text_position = [direction[c] + position_correction(direction[c]) for c in (0, 1)]
axes.text(*text_position, annotation, verticalalignment='center',
axes.text(x=text_position[0], y=text_position[1], s=annotation, verticalalignment='center',
zorder=30, horizontalalignment='center', size=textsize,
bbox=dict(boxstyle=text_box_style, facecolor='#00b6eb', alpha=0.85, linewidth=0))
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