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......@@ -120,7 +120,8 @@ REGISTER_KERNEL_BUILDER(Name("{{ python_name }}").Device({{ device }}), {{ pytho
render_dict = {'python_name': stringcase.pascalcase(function_node.function_name), # tf wants PascalCase!
'cpp_name': function_node.function_name,
'parameters': [ for p in parameters],
'parameters': [ for p in parameters
if hasattr(p.symbol, 'dtype') and not str(p.symbol) == 'meshFunctor'],
'input_fields': input_fields,
'inputs': self.inputs,
'output_fields': output_fields,
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ class AdjointBoundaryCondition(Boundary):
self._constant_fields = constant_fields
self._time_constant_fields = time_constant_fields
def __call__(self, pdf_field: pystencils_autodiff.AdjointField, direction_symbol, lb_method, **kwargs):
def __call__(self, pdf_field: pystencils_autodiff.AdjointField, direction_symbol, *args, **kwargs):
# apply heuristics
......@@ -24,13 +24,15 @@ class AdjointBoundaryCondition(Boundary):
f'{pdf_field} should be a pystencils_autodiff.AdjointField to use AdjointBoundaryCondition'
forward_field = pdf_field.corresponding_forward_field
forward_assignments = self._forward_condition(forward_field, direction_symbol, lb_method, **kwargs)
forward_assignments = self._forward_condition(forward_field, direction_symbol, *args, **kwargs)
backward_assignments = pystencils_autodiff.create_backward_assignments(
assert backward_assignments.all_assignments, ("Must have a at least one read field in forward boundary "
"to have an meaningful adjoint boundary condition")
return backward_assignments
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